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Amazon is the undisputed king of e-commerce markets. This is the best great opportunity for people to earn money from Amazon with zero investment. More than 190 million people visit Amazon.com every month. This is more than any other e-commerce market.

As well as making money yourself, Amazon offers a myriad of ways for people like you to make money. Even better, it is possible to make money from Amazon without any investment.

There are explained just 4 easy ways to earn money from Amazon with zero investment

Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is a chance to earn money for designers. Here, you just need to do is upload a T-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt design and earn a commission on each sale. You don’t have to worry about stock and finishing.

Just come up with a creative design and earn commissions when your design is sold.

Amazon Dropshipping

If you want to sell goods with zero investment then Amazon dropshipping is the best option for you for earning many. Many people are confused about Amazon dropshipping with the FBA.

Through Amazon FBA, you need to deliver the product in bulk to Amazon completion centers while in drop shopping you don’t buy anything in bulk.

What is dropshipping?

The seller displays the supplier’s product in their store and when a customer places an order from the store, the supplier delivers the product and you get the difference as a profit.

To do Amazon drop shipping, you need to select the completion option through the merchant, which means you (the seller) are responsible for the completion.

Then it’s easy, you just display the product on your Amazon store and when you receive the order, ask your supplier to deliver the product to your customer’s address. You receive money from the customer.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon is another great handmade platform for creative people to make money from the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

The platform is similar to Etsy, where people can sell handmade products such as jewelry, accessories, clothing, etc, and makes money by selling these products.

Work from Home/Virtual Location

Working from home is a freelancing opportunity offered by Amazon. Amazon posts a lot of job postings such as customer support representatives, technical support staff, business development officers, and so on.

Position for seasonal, part-time, and fulltime worker. Are if you think you have the potential and can work from home, check out their virtual location page for the latest openings.

Amazon Flex is a program for drivers. It was launched by Amazon as a delivery option solution for its prime customers. The driver can choose the working hours for himself; deliver to Amazon in his spare time and per hour and can earn up to $18 – $25 per hour.

Here’s what you need to do to become part of Amazon Flex:

•     Minimum age of 21 years

•     A legal car

•     A smartphone

If you have these things, you just need to download the Amazon Flex app and choose the working hours according to your convenience.

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