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There are so many types it’s hard to say. What is an online education and free like you? Then this post is for you! We’ve put together some best websites where you can take free online courses and learn many new skills. From taking a course developed by Harvard or getting a certificate from Google to learning code, everything is possible from these websites.

There are a list of some website that offers free online coerces in [2020]


coursera home page

Courssara.org is a leading provider of a wide range of open online courses for free. It is a website that partners with universities and organizations around the world to bring together a variety of topics and perspectives on a searchable database. This site offers a very wide range of courses.

Some courses offer completion certificates to recognize that you passed the class. If you enjoy learning in a classroom-style environment and want to do it at home, the course is a great place to start.


Another great option for free online education. It offers fully online courses with teachers, discussion boards, quizzes, etc., but focuses on math, science, and engineering courses. Bringing courses from many different schools together, this site contains inspiring, quality information for everyone.

Edx home page

Khan Academy

In partnership with numerous post-secondary schools, Khan Academy provides usable, organized management. Also offering many courses from around the web, Khan Academy offers impressive depth on many different disciplines. Lectures are short and share a handful of information at a time, but you prepare each other as you progress.

khanacademy home page


An Udemy is an online institution taught by leading experts. Udemy’s free courses are in line with Corsira’s concept but also allow users to create custom courses from the tutorial. Working with many top professors and schools, the site combines a customized platform with other sites with a strong emphasis on high site content. However, this is another site that combines free and paid content.


Codecademy is a website dedicated exclusively to coding education. Codecademy teaches you how to write the code needed to build interactive websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

Codecademy features a central dashboard where you can monitor your progress, as well as organize tutorials into full modules. This allows you to learn the entire language without having to manually select the next course.


Digiskills is one of the best free websites for learning at home, this website offers approximately 10 different courses with different high qualified and experienced teachers. In this website, the student can learn through online video lectures, quizzes, and assignments through a very friendly Learning Management System (LMS). The student receives a certificate when he passes the course.

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