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If you really want to make money online, in this blog I shared a wonderful way to make money online. All methods are long-term financial arrangements and legal, you can make money if you 100% follow these methods.

In fact, making money online is not that difficult, as many people think. However, there is a scam too much in the market directly on the Internet and ask you to offer some money of your services, but eventually, when the time most of you earn your income, some websites block your account.

But the method I use today is not these websites. I want to share a common and real method of online earning.

Earn Through YouTube

In the present situation, earning from YouTube has become a popular profession. Many people have their own channels and earn money on their YouTube channels using a variety of methods. They publish content and watch it on YouTube to earn money; some also get sponsorship from various companies to promote their YouTube production. You can also grow your business or website using YouTube. YouTube is becoming more popular day by day as YouTube competition continues to grow. To succeed on YouTube you must have a YouTube channel.

Creating channels and publishing your content on YouTube is very simple, but there are several requirements to access your YouTube channel. Please do the research as you must have 4000 watch time on your YouTube channel. You also need 1000 subscribers to monetize your YouTube channel.

In fact, there is the question of how much we can earn on YouTube from 1000 views. In fact, your answer is very simple and totally depends on the area most of the things to see. But the average TB benefit is about $ 3 to $ 5 per 1000 visits. But with this approach, you have to work hard and wait for YouTube terms to enter your channel. But once you succeed in earning money from YouTube channels, you can earn money in various ways on YouTube.

In this blog i try to disuse flowing few way.

1.            By affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is what direct retailers offer to you on traffic or sales commissions by offering.

Affiliate marketing is a simple 3-step process:

1. Recommend a product or service to its followers.

2. Followers purchase the product or service using your affiliate link.

3. You will be provided with a sales commission made based on your contact information.

2.            Getting sponsorship

Often given only on YouTube’s main channels with a large audience (though not exclusively), another great way to earn cash through YouTube is to find its partner companies that will pay for promoting or claiming your product. You can earn money this way, either of which is a one-time payment that the company will give you on the deal, by clicking on the company link, or on a view basis.

3.            Promoting services or product

When your channel able to getting views than you can promote any product are services and deal with that services or product owner how much pay for this add. If your deal successfully than you run add on you channel videos.

There are many other ways earnings from YouTube but first you need 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribers because it is very important for monetization.

If you have any question about this topic I am available for you just left a comment of you meaning question I will provide answer of this question if possible.

So please create you channel in YouTube and enjoy earning.

Thanks and best of luck,